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Wab794 Restoration Progress - 2008
Brick Arch & Boiler Repairs

Wab794 Side Tank Badge

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This year, Wab 794 is being hired by Tranz Scenic to haul the Overlander Services between Feilding and Taihape. This year will be the fourth year that the Wab has been put into service since its first run in August 2005.

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WAB 794 has recommenced its Overlander duties once again and has been going very well, until its run on the 4th June, when it suffered a brick arch hernia going through Hunterville, which resulted in a major lack of energy. But thanks to cousin DC, it was able, with a lot of assistance, to reach Taihape only a few minutes late.

At Taihape the crew did a marvelous bit of emergency surgery, removing the offending debris from the stomach (removing the bricks from the fire), and it was able to resume its return journey with out much trouble, but of course its mainly downhill.

It is now undergoing brick arch replacement, plus a clean up of its varicose veins and arteries (boiler work), after which it will be inspected by the R.ME.OF. (Railway Medical Officer) and hopefully given a clean bill of health, so it too can make a big impression at the Labour Weekend Celebrations.

Taking the Wab’s place at the head of the Overlander for the 28th of June run to Taihape is Ian Welch’s oil burning J 1211.

Below are photos that show the many stages required to repair the arch and boiler.

Brick arch has fallen The brick arch has fallen down.
Opening the blown down Craig opening the blown down to empty the boiler.
Opening the smoke box Craig opening the smoke box door to remove ash and plugs in the front tube plate.
Removing the ash Rochelle removing the ash.
Emptying ash pan Emptying the ash pan.
Washing out boiler Washing the boiler out.
Removing plugs Removing more plugs.
Removing plugs in cab Removing more plugs in the cab.
Working on the inner fire box raper Boys from East Steel working on the inner fire box raper.
Drilling stays to be re-welded Grinding the stays to be re-welded.
Ground stays Inside boiler showing stays that have been ground and are ready for welding.
Ivan from East Steel Ivan from East Steel.

Thanks to Rupert for the above article.
Photos kindly supplied by Craig and Rochelle Moore.

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