Carriages - A 1082


A1890 Badge Class/No: A 1890 Length: 56' 0"
TMS Type/No: A 1082 Clad: Steel Clad
Year: 1940 State: Stored
Builder: NZR - Otahuhu
Distributed Load: Tare:
Notes: 1940 - 1676 NZR. Car
1976 - 1988 Northerner - car
19XX - 2001 Don Allan. Helensville
2001 Feilding Steam Rail
Carriage Text: LIFT, w 7 87, wb7, AK1087

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A1023 and A1082 worked on the Auckland to Wellington overnight Northerner Express. They were steam heated from a steam heat van towed directly behind the locomotive. The first class carriages had better seating than carriages fitted with the standard flip over scarat seats. The first class seats have a lever that turn the seat around, allowing the passenger to face the direction of travel.

A1023 and A1082 were sold in good condition to form part of the now failed Helensville Railway Museum. They suffered badly from vandalism and nearly got burnt by arsonists. They are now safely stored inside our shed in Feilding.

On the Truck from Helensville It was hoped that we could rail the carriages to Feilding. But due to a slip at Helensville and the condition of the carriages, especially the bogies as the bearing covers had been removed, moving them by truck was the only option.
5 February 2001
First Class Car, A1082 It is stored under cover in the carriage shed.
10 September 2005
A1082 in Carriage Shed These photos show either side of the carriage.
5 July 2008
A1082 in Carriage Shed
Inside A1082 The two by one first class seating can been seen in these photos taken inside from either end of the carriage.
10 September 2005
Inside A1082
Inside A1082 While the carriages were in Helensville they were stripped of their luggage racks, personel lights and other useful equipment.
5 July 2008
Inside A1082

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