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Carriages - A 56734

A56734 Restored Number

A56734 Restored Number Class/No: A 1983 Length: 56' 0"
TMS Type/No: A 56734 Clad: Steel Clad
Year: 1941 State: In Service (Mainline)
Builder: NZR - Otahuhu
Distributed Load: Tare: 26500 kg
Notes: 199X Russell Wiseman
Carriage Text: 70 kph

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Russell Wiseman had a long term plan to build a railway group well before Feilding and Districts Steam Rail Society was born. Russell brought A56734, and carvan AL56043 in the early 1990's and stored them at the unused AFCO rail siding on the outskirts of Feilding. Even while they were stored at AFCO, Russell had the frames sand blasted and other minor work done. Once the Gladstone Street depot was open the two carriages were moved, as the AFCO siding was soon to be lifted. Once inside the depot work continued with the help of members, contractors, and PD workers.

A56734 and AL56043 A56734, and carvan AL56043 stored at the AFCO siding away from the vandals.
15 August 1998.
A56734 at AFCO Other side of the carriage.
15 August 1998.
A56734 at AFCO
Inside A56734 Inside A56734. This car was used on the Auckland Subbies. It is fitted with scarat flip over seats.
31 March 2002
A56734 in Taihape This carriage has been mainline certified and in use since September 2008.
The photo is of the carriage at Taihape, on it's first mainline trip since being recertified.
11 September 2011
A56734 at Loading Bank Sitting under cover at the loading bank.
5 November 2011
A56734 at Loading Bank
NZR Emblem It has been decorated with the New Zealand Railways shield.
5 November 2011
A56734 Inside Inside the carriage from either end.
5 November 2011
A56734 Inside
A56734 Scarat Seats Seating within the carriage. The double seats are scarat seats. The single seat is by the door to the passenger compartment.
5 November 2011
A56734 Single Seat
A56734 Ceiling Light The original 24 volt light fittings and vents in the ceiling have been kept.
5 November 2011
A56734 Ceiling Vent
A56734 Water Lever This lever controlled the air brake system that was used to lift water for use in the van. This system is no longer used, in fact the NZR completely removed the toilet and water tank. No toilet has been re-fitted to this carriage.
5 November 2011

Have a look at the A56734 restoration page to see what restoration and maintence has been completed since A56734 came to FDSRS.

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