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AL1839 Badge EA6208 Badge Class/No: Al 1839 Length: 50' 0"
TMS Type/No: AL 50216 Clad: Steel Clad
Year: 1936 State: Stored
Builder: NZR - Otahuhu Conversion: Ea 6028 in 1984
Distributed Load: Tare: 22170 kg
Notes: 1936 - 1969 Car (A 1839)
1969 - 1984 Carvan (Al 1839)
1984 - 19XX Ways & Works EA6208
N.I. weighbridge test weight
Carriage Text: A.10.84, OHL A.10.84, 4 PN-8-89, *

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This carriage EA 6208 was used briefly as the weighbridge car. It stored the test equipment and was AL1839, a passenger car before the conversion. This carriage had been stored with F163 in Palmerston North for many years before coming to Feilding Steam Rail.

EA6208 EA6208 sitting in the yard soon after arriving.
18 May 2002
EA6208 Side B Side B in front of the old wool bank (soon to be countdown carpark).
14 August 2004
EA6208 Side B
Inside EA6208 Inside the main compartment.
14 August 2004
EA6208 Side A Side A (identified by the handbrake) in the yard.
14 June 2008 (left) and 24 May 2008 (right)
EA6208 Side A
EA6208 Side B Side B in the yard.
5 July 2008
EA6208 Inside These photos show the main compartment from either end.
31 May 2008
EA6208 Inside
EA6208 Kitchen Area Kitchen area.
31 May 2008
EA6208 Kitchen Bench Kitchen area showing kitchen bench complete with sink, with seating opposite.
31 May 2008
EA6208 Kitchen Seating
EA6208 Badges Badges.
5 July 2008

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