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Carriages - EK 486

AK486 Test

F591 Badge Class/No: F 591 Length: 56'0"
TMS Type/No: F 1298 Clad: Steel
Year: 1942 State: Stored
Builder: NZR - Otahuhu
Distributed Load: Tare:
Notes: Te Horo
Carriage Text: L1-86, W1s, LIFT E2-82, Ak 486, WB t * K3-?, Wb 2, 22720 kg

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These vans were called "Main Trunk Vans". They were reasonably light with a steel underframe and wooden framing forming the walls and roof. They were fitted with steel racking for passenger baggage.

EA7098 and EK486 were purchased from Te Horo near Wellington. They were used for a fast food venture, with onboard eating facilities. The carriages weren't moved during their stay at Te Horo and had a deck constructed outside to floor level.
We purchased them and had them lifted onto trucks and delivered to Feilding.

EK486 Soon After Arriving EK486 is being used for storage.
Photo taken before March 2002
EK486 in Carriage Shed Ek486 Trunk van is currently under cover in the Carriage Shed.
10 September 2005
One end of EK486 These photos show either end of the van from one side.
5 July 2008
Other end of EK486
Inside One End Inside EK486 showing the stored seating and postal van sign.
5 July 2008
Postal Sign inside EK486
Inside Other End Inside from other end of the van.
5 July 2008
Seating stored inside EK486
Kitchen end of EK486 Kitchen (left), and looking through the van from the Kitchen (right).
5 July 2008
View of inside from Kitchen
Inside other end of EK486 Other end of van
5 July 2008

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