Z369 Badges

Carriages - Z 369

FP38 Number

Z369 Badge FP369 Badge Class/No: Z369 Length:
TMS Type/No: Clad: Wooden Body
Year: 1946 State:
Distributed Load: Tare:
Notes: Z-15, Box Wagon
Ex - Don Allen- Auckland
Carriage Text: FP 38, Ak 686, 3698

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These vans were used on the express passenger trains to carry the mail and parcels. They are fitted with passenger type bogies which ride well and have more brakes than normal freight bogies.

Z369 was stored at Helensville for many years. It was shifted to Parnell for a few months in 2002 before being railed to Feilding.

Z369 Soon After Arriving Z369 soon after arriving at the Depot.
15 January 2003
Z369 in Carriage Shed Z369 stored under cover in the carriage shed.
10 September 2005 (left) and 5 July 2008 (right)
Z369 in Carriage Shed
Z369 Other Side Either end of the other side of the van.
5 July 2008
Z369 Other Side
Z369 Inside These photos show the inside of Z369 from either end.
5 July 2008
Z369 Inside

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