Dsa227 Makers Plate

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Dsa227 Makers Plate

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Dsa Class

Dsa227's Technical Information

Dsa227 - History

1954 - 1982 NZR service
1982 - 2001 Richmond Works, Oringi
2001 Feilding

Dsa227 - To FDSRS

Dsa227 came to us from the Orangi Freezing Works on the 14th May 2001.

The Diesel Shunter Dsa227 has arrived at FDSR and operates quite well.
Photo taken before March 2002 by Stan Jenkins.
The Diesel Shunter in the Yard Dsa227 operating in the yard just outside the depot.
Photo by Mike Higgie.
Operating in the Depot Dsa227 operating in the depot in 2008.
Photo by David Sullivan.
Parked at the Loading Bank Parked at the Loading Bank.
5th July 2008
Ready to Shunt Carriages Dsa227 in front of the Carriage shed, ready for it's next shunt.
12 July 2008
Cab Left Dsa227 Cab Cab Right Inside of the cab.
12 July 2008

To see what restoration and maintence has been completed since Dsa227 came to FDSRS, have a look at the Dsa227 restoration page.

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