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F163 Makers Plate

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F Class

There were eighty-eight of these locomotives produced. They were used for mainline running in their heyday and some members of this class had the longest running careers of all steam locomotives in New Zealand. Some were still in active service in the 1960’s as shunting locomotives with Harbour Boards and freezing works etc. This class of locomotive is restricted to about 50km/h because of the small size of its driving wheels which effectively ‘gears’ it down.
F163's Technical Information

F163 - History

F163 is one of nine surviving members of its class and the only one in mainline running condition. This particular engine has been operational, except during overhauls etc, since it was first used on the NZR in 1881. This locomotive was kept by NZR as part of its heritage fleet until 1993, when it was handed to the Rail Heritage Trust. In 2002, the F-group joined with Feilding Steam Rail to become the Feilding and Districts Steam Rail Society, and F163 was relocated to the Feilding depot. F&DSRS are the current caretakers of F163.

1880 - 1965 NZR Service
1963 Named Ivanhoe
1965 - 1973 Arthur's Pass, Stored
1973 - 19XX NZR, Special Service
1993 Rail Heritage Trust
2002 moved to Feilding and District Steam Rail Society
Owned by the Rail Hertiage Trust

F163 - To FDSRS

The members of the F group who have restored and operated the F for many years and are now members of Feilding and Districts Steam Rail.
On Sunday, 24th March 2002, the members of the F group brought their rolling stock and the F over to Feilding.

Kevin Driving F163 F 163's old home in Palmerston North rail depot is now under new ownership and thus it was decided that the F group would come together with Feilding Steam Rail. 24 March 2002.
F163 with Guard Van F 163's and its guards van. 12 May 2002.
F163 Cab A view of the Cab showing the controls up top. 31 March 2002.
F163 Cab A view of the Cab looking down toward fire box. 31 March 2002.
Cleaning the ash pan Mike Higgie cleaning the ash pan of F 163. 24 January 2004.
Cleaning out the pit Once the ash is out of the ash pan it is then shovelled out of the pit into a wheelbarrow. 24 January 2004.
Coal transported by La Coal is shoveled out of the LA into Steel Bins and taken to F163. April 2003.
Recoaling F163 Loading the Coal Bunkers on F163 by hand. April 2003.

To see what restoration and maintence has been completed since F163 came to FDSRS, have a look at the F163 restoration page.

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