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This page is under construction. If you have any information about the Jigger class or our jiggers Ww7674 and WW7149 (or anything else), please email webmaster@steamrail.org.nz

Jigger Class

Jigger - History

Jiggers - To FDSRS

We own three Jiggers and two have been overhauled for open day use and one will be used as a trailer.

WW 7419, Motor Trolley WW 7419
a four man trolley fitted with a 13hp motor with 3 speed + reverse gearbox, electric start and 4 wheel drive. An alternator has also been fitted for lights and battery charging. This trolley was used as a trailer for WW 7674 until it was motorized last year. It also has a trolley bell.
WW 7674, Motor Trolley WW 7674
a four man trolley, our original motorized one - the only one we had with a motor - a 10 hp Tecumseh with 3 speed and Rev gearbox and electric starter. It has been known, with its trailer, to carry 12+ adults.
WW 7493, Motor Trolley WW 7493
another four man trolley originally in poor condition but has had a lot of woodwork replaced, tidied up and painted for use as a trailer between the other two. It is currently undergoing trials.
WW 7633
an aluminum framed two man trolley made up from a pile of parts. It still needs brake parts making and lights fitting to be made useable. It has a 5hp Honda motor with a four speed gearbox.
Controls Here you can see the simple but effective controls of WW7674, and the seatbelts for added security when giving kids a ride in the yard.
7 February 2004
Jiggers ready to go Here are the 3 joined together.
12 July 2008
Jiggers ready to go
Jiggers test run Testing the jiggers after some repairs, then all aboard for a ride around the yard.
12 July 2008
All aboard

We also have 2 yellow - 4 wheel flat trolley trailers, one is currently dismanteld for repairs.

We at Feilding Steam Rail are alway looking for parts or other types of Trolleys (jiggers) to maintain and extend our collection of vehicles. Any goods or information may be handed in at our Depot in Feilding - Thank You.

WW7674, Motor Trolley This motor trolley was in a very sorry state. Bernie has rebuilt 7674 a 4 man motor trolley back to operating order.
7 September 2002
WW7674 in front of Taonui Station Bernie on 7674 in front of the Taonui Station.
2 November 2002
WW7674 and 7149, Motor Trollies Bernie is making some adjustments to 7674. Beside it is 7149.
5 February 2005
Bernie at work Bernie working on one of the jiggers.

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