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A1998 Number Inside

A1998 Badge Class/No: A 1998 Length: 56' 0"
TMS Type/No: A 56833 Clad: Steel Clad
Year: 1940 State: Overhaul
Builder: NZR - Addington
Distributed Load: Tare:
Notes: 1988 - 2002 Vintage Rail. Palmerston North
2002 Feilding
Carriage Text: 98, WB 5 11 98, 70km/h

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A 1998 (TMS A56833) and A 2005 (TMS A56884) are Subbie cars (suburban passenger cars). They had been used by the F group back in 1998 and stored in Wellington. When the F group closed we were able to lease these two carriages from the Rail Heritage Trust and then moved them to Feilding.

They came orginally fitted with flip over seats that seated 72 people. The seats were not the scarat type seats and were very uncomfortable for long journeys as they had a short back and slide holes in the seat base. Both carriages have been fitted with scarat seats and the orginal ones have been sold to other rail organisations.

Ex Subbie Car A56833 Arriving from Wellington into our yard.
28 December 2002
A56833 in Carriage Shed These photos show either side of the carriage. A toilet is to be installed in one end. A new roof liner will need to be fitted.
5 July 2008
A56833 in Carriage Shed
A56833 Inside Inside the carriage from either end. All seats have been removed to allow work to be done on the floor. Both carriages require major repairs to the floor in the entrance ways.
5 July 2008
A56833 Inside
A1998 Restored The carriage is now fully restored and ready for mainline certification. The orginal copper roof had many leaks, so we removed the copper roof and had it coated with speedliner which is used on the insides of utes.
5 November 2011
A1998 Restored
NZR Emblem It has been labelled with the pre TMS number A1998 and decorated with the New Zealand Railways shield.
5 November 2011
A1998 Inside Inside the carriage from either end.
5 November 2011
A1998 Inside
Extra Seating
Opposite the toilet is a bench seat. The seat lifts up for storage of emergency equipment.
The photo on the right shows the emergency brake within the passenger compartment.
5 November 2011
A1998 Brake
A1998 Loo A toilet and basin have been installed.
5 November 2011
A1998 Basin

Have a look at the A1998 restoration page to see what restoration and maintence has been completed since A1998 came to FDSRS.

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